Marvin E. Davis & Associates, Inc.

Marvin E. Davis & Associates, Inc. offers over 26 years of experience providing geotechnical engineering, specialized civil engineering, and construction inspection services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada and California.  Comprised of an innovative team, we are dedicated to developing creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our clients to build exceptional projects.


Marvin Davis, Principal Engineer, has over 48 years of experience practicing geotechnical, and construction management. He is joined by Jonathan W. Pease, President and Principal Engineer, and two Associate Engineers who each have over 20 years of experience navigating the complex construction environment in the region. We currently employ a staff of over fifteen engineers, construction inspectors, and field and laboratory technicians.


We offer personalized client service to provide high-quality engineering solutions.  We are committed to providing project expectations that are not only met, but exceeded.



Our services encompass everything from the initial geotechnical investigation all the way through the construction stage including inspection and materials testing.


Geotechnical Engineering

We prepare geotechnical investigations reports from small residential projects to large commercial and institutional projects.  We prepare Geotechnical and Geologic Hazard Investigations, Fault Studies, and Seismic Hazard Evaluations. See more.


Construction Inspection

We provide construction 1704 Special Inspection including observation and compaction testing for engineered fills; observation or retaining wall inspection of concrete reinforcement, concrete placement (conventional reinforced concrete, shotcrete, pre-stressed concrete, post-tensioned concrete, concrete masonry construction); anchor and bolting inspection, non-destructive and shop steel welding and steel construction, spray-applied waterproofing. See more.


Materials Testing

We provide basic soil and aggregate testing and Portland cement concrete cylinder testing, including retrieving sampled cylinders from the field. See more.


Specialized Site Design

We have completed numerous specialized civil engineering projects, generally providing site preparation design for smaller projects in the Lake Tahoe basin which have a strong geotechnical or soil-related components. See more.

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