Inspection & Materials Testing

We provide a wide range of construction testing, inspection, and management support for both public and private projects of all sizes.  Our inspectors have experience with the construction of low and high-rise commercial buildings, hospitals, water treatment facilities, water storage ponds, pipelines, large fills, reinforced earth, slope repairs, rockery retaining walls, wetland reconstruction, stream bank repairs, erosion control systems, underground utilities, asphalt paving and slurry sealing of streets, and street and roadway construction.  Our staff provides field monitoring and density testing for earthwork projects, foundation preparation, retaining wall construction/backfill, and utility and roadway construction.


We provide building code special inspections (IBC Section 1704) and field/shop testing for reinforced concrete, shotcrete, concrete masonry, mortar and grout, pre-stressing and post-tensioning, high strength bolting, concrete anchors, structural steel and welding, and spray-on fireproofing.  Members of our materials testing and construction observation staff have certifications issued in accordance with the industries standard such as ICC, ACI, ASNT, and AWS.


Our laboratory staff includes ACI certified personnel with extensive experience in materials engineering and testing.  Our testing facility is located at our Reno office and is equipped to perform a range of engineering tests on soils, aggregates, and concrete using procedures from ASTM, Caltrans, NDOT, and Army Corps of Engineers.  We also offer concrete and asphalt mix design and roadway design specifications. Additionally, our laboratory is accredited in the expertise of soils through the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO Accreditation).

MDA engineers and technicians are familiar with local contractors, material sources, and standards of construction in Nevada and California including the “Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction” (Orange Book), Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Design (Silver Book), International Building Code (IBC) and California Building Code (CBC) and FEMA Seismic Design.

  • Roadway Design Specifications

  • Soils, Aggregates, & Concrete Engineering Tests

  • Pre-stressed & Post-tensioned Concrete and Soil Nails

  • Asphalt and PCC Pavement Construction

  • Compaction Testing of Mass Grading & Engineered Fills

  • Buried Utilities Including Trench Bedding & Backfill

  • Foundation Excavations or Subgrade

  • Drilled Shaft & Pile Construction

  • Concrete Reinforcement (bar, expansion or epoxy anchors, post-tensioning tendons)

  • Inspection & Field Testing of Concrete During Placement (slump, air content, etc.)

  • Structural Masonry, Mortar, Shotcrete and/or grout

  • Compression Testing of Concrete, Grout, Mortar, & Shotcrete

  • Off-Site Fabrication of Pre-Cast Concrete Members

  • Sprayed-Applied/Thin Film Intumescent Fireproofing

  • Shop/Field Steel Frame Fabrication, High Strength Bolting & Welding

  • Non-Destructive Testing: Ultrasonic & Magnetic Particle Weld Inspection

  • Special Drainage Elements

  • Construction Phase & Final Phase Erosion Control

  • Special Consultation, Inspection, and/or Testing for Unexpected Conditions, i.e. rebar/PT tendon detection

  • Coordination with Building Officials, i.e. cold-formed metal framing

  • Checks for Compliance with Project Plans and Specifications

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